Anticipation :)

Anticipation :)

Happy Super Saturday, Crap on on Cracker fans!
Very excited for the next few weeks….Lots of reviews coming your way from Kambrook, Nestle and The Lose Baby Weight team…plus plenty more 🙂 Miss 4 and Miss 3 will be tagging along with mummy to find out their input on these reviews too. Can’t wait to get my blog on. But for now..Goodnight! xx


Lifes Lessons – Propaganda Parenting

Lifes Lessons - Propaganda Parenting

“Propaganda Parenting”

Lets face it! Being a younger parent and University student in the Technology Age is full on. Your constantly exposed to the Internet and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes it may be the only way you keep in touch with friends, maybe its a way to boost your business and get your product out there or maybe just a way to keep up with the times. Since having children I think I’ve discovered a side of social media that’s a little more confronting. “Propaganda parents”! Mums and Dads that only post the positive things that happen when it comes to parenting. Pretending nothing negative, bad or confronting ever happens to them. I’m sick of seeing mums with perfectly flat tummies two months after giving birth. Hello!! You’ve only had one baby and I’m pretty sure your entire social media persona does not contain any evidence of you EVER eating. We all have people in our friends list like this. The ones that seem like their “Perfect” mothers. Like their children never do anything wrong. I’m sorry. But, real mums have stretch marks, have days where they wished they looked hot in a bikini and days that end with a cocktail in hand because yes…the children are still alive even though they’ve destroyed the house, painted the mirror with poo and spit in your coffee. So mums like me…don’t feel bad. We make mistakes, we learn new things, parent our own way and we shouldn’t have to hide what REAL parenting is all about….like the flat tummy mummies you see of Facebook. At the end of the day, we did our best, we put our kids first and we taught our children something. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Crap happens….literally.


Welcome to my b…

Welcome to my blog all!! I’ve started this space to share with you real life. Not the life of a Martha Stewart or a closest chocolate bar eating mum. I’m here to share with you my adventures and misadventures as a Mother of two toddlers and a full time uni student. It’s time to call B!*^$h!t on parenting! Some days are peachy 🙂 Sun, fun and fruit salad! Others, consist of poo painted windows, smokey microwaves and broken toes. But, its all normal to me….if you could call me “normal”.